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Gorgeous T!
So I told you I was going to try to take some photos in different lighting.It came out a bit different than I was expecting… a lot duds actually haha! But there were some great ones in there, as well! These were taken by my partner (and truthfully, my last submission as well!) It was late at night, I was very tired, and it was nice to have a helping hand.
Hope you enjoy!-Nova
— Wow! Just stunning! This is an absolutely beautiful shot. Your partner did a fantastic job of it. Let’s be honest, you did a great job of finding your light and knowing your angles too. Thank you so much for sharing this absolutely amazing shot with me. Xoxo, T.
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I lied I’m sorry I have a pill problem

I’m kind of uncomfortable with this.
A lot of addicts are embarrassed about it. He shouldn’t be made fun of for admitting it/admitting that he lied, that probably took a lot for him. It’s not like he said anything glaringly rude, like some people on OKC.

While you’re kind of uncomfortable I’m really extremely uncomfortable.My profile’s you should message me if section said, “…If you are a non-smoker, drug free (including 420), and have good grammar.” That’s it. One simple sentence containing the most important things I would not budge on in my next relationship.He didn’t respect me, possibly abuses drugs, has poor grammar, and lied in a very first message. He didn’t care about me or respecting my wishes. I can’t stop someone from doing drugs, only avoid people who do. All he had to do was scan my profile.I’ve dated an alcoholic and taken the abuse, and another who ended up with track marks from shooting coke. Last I heard he got clean and he wasn’t abusive, but it wasn’t healthy. I know what it feels like to have someone sneak off to get high. I will never go down that road again. I knew what I was looking for and expressed it very clearly on my profile. I found a great boyfriend using OkCupid. Not to mention there are questions that specifically ask about drugs. If you answer differently then leave that person alone. I know how the question algorithm works. I know how to answer questions and how to mark importance. I spent some time reading up on how to get good results from making the system work for me.So, no, I’m not shaming him for doing drugs. I’m showing another level and type of disrespect that someone can receive on OkCupid from the lovely people who go straight to your pictures and don’t give a shit about you as a person.

The Snowy Range - Photographer

I have a secret desire for my boyfriend to love my cooking more than his mother’s.

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